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Frequent questions

The film Mirciulica will be in cinemas from October 7. 

We want to reach cinemas all over the country. We will post in September on Facebook page Mirciulica - The Movie, the complete list of locations where you can watch the movie.

From any cinema where the film Mirciulica will be present. But keep an eye on our pages because we will have many surprises.

Actors one and one:
Mircea Popa (Bravo), Bunica din Chinteni, Cătălin Herlo, Adrian Cucu, Radu Lărgeanu, Ioana Maria Repciuc, Elena Ivanca, Dan Chiorean, Denisa Irina Vlad, Grațiela Bădescu, Ionela Daniela Ladoș, Ruslan Bîrlea, Emanuel Petran, Raluca Eremei Bîrză, Oana Crișan, Giulia Harangus, Ovidiu Oltean, Marina Olaru, Costin Gavază, Mihaela Deceanu, Michael Paicu, Paul Socol.

The coolest!

We really wanted to make a feature film that would be in cinemas, where, we believe, is the true experience of watching a film. Therefore, at the moment, Mirciulica can only be seen in cinemas in the country.
We are waiting at home!

Tanti Lenuta is Mirciulica's grandmother. 🙂

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