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Bravo Films is a Cluj film production company, founded in 2020, by those who stand behind (and in front of) the Mircea Bravo team – Cristi Ilisuan and Mircea Popa (well, easy to guess, right?)

Mirciulica is the first comedy film produced by Bravo Films, marking the debut of Mircea Bravo in the world of cinema. The film can be seen in cinemas across the country starting on October 7. Yes, grandma is also there. :)



Comedy, Action, Suspense

Mircea, a 30-year-old man from Gherla fails the judicial admission exam in Bucharest. He has no choice but to return home and live with his parents. He is forced to get a job in a waste collector company owned by a rich local politician. But things get complicated when Mircea starts working for the boss’s wife.

Cristian Ilisuan

Cristian Ilisuan, Mircea Popa, Tibi Codorean, Cristian Ciui, Andrei Verestiuc

Cristian Ilisuan and Mircea Popa

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Mircea Popa


The man who is the image of the Mircea Bravo brand. He played in over 300 short skits posted on the project's online channels, which gathered a community of over 4 million fans from the country and abroad. In 2020, he co-founded the Bravo Films company out of the desire to make feature films that would fill cinemas all over the country but also convey good values to the community.

Cristi Ilișuan


The man behind the Mircea Bravo project. He attended the courses of the Faculty of Theater and Television in Cluj, then worked for 10 years in television as a reporter, editor and producer. Since 2014, together with Mircea Popa, he founded the Mircea Bravo brand, where he co-produced over 500 short films uploaded to the project's online channels. Since 2020, he is a screenwriter and director in the Bravo Films team.

The creative team

Cristi Ciui

Tibi Codorean

Andrei Vereștiuc

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