Bravo Films a film production company based in Cluj that aims to make cinematographic productions with national commercial success.

The Team

It was founded in 2020 by the team behind the Mircea Bravo project.


Mircea Bravo, Cristi Ilisuan


Comedy, Action, Suspense







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The News

How Mircea Bravo became famous. "I realized I'm a bit of a cocalar." His movie is coming out soon

Mircea Bravo is famous online, he makes funny videos. In October he will also release his first film, one that he hopes will be a success. Invited to Cătălin Măruță's show, Mircea told his story, but he also made revelations about his personal life, especially since he recently got married. "I finished Law, I didn't continue in the field, I realized that I was a bit of a co-worker, I started with my best friend to do something online, we said let's try to do something, that maybe we become good . We filmed a prank every day, after a year we had a block, because everyone knew us in Cluj, we didn't have money to come to Bucharest. I turned everything into a business, after two years I paid a copywriter for ideas. These videos made me feel good, not necessarily that I was making money," he declared. Mircea Bravo is also very successful when he appears with aunt Lenuta, who plays the role of his grandmother. "I have chemistry with Aunt Lenuța. We discovered her when we decided to stay in Cluj, she was semi-known before, she had a column on a local show, we realized she was a good fit when she...

Mircea Bravo releases the comedy Mirciulică in cinemas in October

After numerous short films and successful clips posted online over the years, Mircea Bravo releases the first long comedy film, Mirciulică, in cinemas. Mircea, a 30-year-old man from Gherla, fails a magistracy exam in Bucharest and is forced to return home and live with his parents. Forced by circumstances, he takes a job with a local baron who owns a sanitation company, but things get complicated when he ends up working for the boss's wife. Mirciulică is an independent production, which brings to the big screen the universe of Mircea Bravo, together with all the characters loved and already known by the general public through hundreds of clips from the online environment. The film is directed by Cristian Ilișuan and stars: Mircea Bravo, Ioana Repciuc, Denisa Vlad, Cătălin Herlo, Tanti Lenuta, Adrian Cucu, Elena Ivanca and Dan Chiorean. Mirciulića will premiere on October 7 in cinemas across the country.

What is Mircea Bravo's story? How he met tanti Lenuța and when his film, "Mirciulica" will be released

Mircea Bravo was invited on the show "La Măruță", from Pro TV, to promote his upcoming film, which is called "Mirciulica". Well, on this occasion, he also told how he became famous online, but also how he met aunt Lenuța, known to everyone as Bunica. How Mircea Bravo became famous Mircea Bravo, who is famous on the Internet, was invited on Cătălin Măruță's show from Pro TV. He told his story and revealed how he started making funny videos online. "I finished Law and did not continue in that field. I think I had a crisis, like all 24-25-year-olds do, about what to do, and I did a lot of soul-searching and realized that I was a bit of a nutcase. I realized that I wanted to be the center of attention, to be a semi-star. It all started when, together with my best friend, who happened to also be a producer on a television... I said: "Let's start doing something online", "what?", "I don't know. Let's make an online television", "what does that mean? Where from...