What is Mircea Bravo's story? How he met tanti Lenuța and when his film, "Mirciulica" will be released


Mircea Bravo was invited on the show "La Măruță", from Pro TV, to promote his upcoming film, which is called "Mirciulică". Well, on this occasion, he also told how he became famous online, but also how he met aunt Lenuța, known to everyone as Bunica.

How Mircea Bravo became famous

Mircea Bravo, which is famous on the Internet, was invited in Cătălin Măruță's show from Pro TV. He told his story and revealed how he started making funny videos online.

"I finished Law and did not continue in that field. I think I had a crisis, like all 24-25-year-olds do, about what to do, and I did a lot of soul-searching and realized that I was a bit of a co-worker. I realized that I wanted to be the center of attention, to be a semi-star. It all started when, together with my best friend, who happened to also be a producer on a television... I said: "Let's start doing something online", "what?", "I don't know. Let's make an online television", "what does that mean? Where do we make money?", "I have no idea. Let's get down to business and, in time, maybe we'll get good, and after we get good, maybe we can support ourselves from this thing."

That's when I started the project, in 2014, together with Cristi Ilișuan. He is my associate and the director of the film I shot. We started posting a prank every week, doing stuff with the hidden camera", a povestit Mircea Bravo.

"I turned everything into a business"

Mircea Bravo said that every time he made a clip, he didn't think about doing well, but about making people feel good.

After a year, I had a blockage at the moment when everyone kind of knew me in Cluj, we didn't have the budget to come to Bucharest, to deal with people who don't know me, but in Cluj, everyone knew me. I said: "what do we do now? Do we abandon the project?” Our goal was to make videos for people who follow me and that helped me because that's where I think my consistency comes from. The videos were not made to make me look cool. Cristi always said: "does this video make you look cool or does it make people feel better?". When it's a team, that ethic comes out and you always put the person first. Indeed, I turned everything into a business. After two years, when we made our first money, we paid a friend of ours to come as a copywriter, to help us with ideas”, a mai declarat el.

How Mircea Bravo met tanti Lenuța

Mircea Bravo makes a good team with tanti Lenuța, alias Bunica. Mircea's fans adore her, and the videos with her are a great success with the public.

I think I have chemistry with Aunt Lenuța. I discovered Aunt Lenuța when Cristi and I were thinking about whether we should come to Bucharest or stay in Cluj. I said that if we stay in Cluj, let's see what Cluj has to offer. Something we can use, something that will add value to our project. That's when I approached Aunt Lenuța. She was already semi-famous before. He had a column on a local television station, he also appeared in a popular music video. With aunt Lenunța, from the first we realized that the role in which she argues with me fits. She's very caring with me, very protective and then we write some sketches to match her personality. (…) Tanti Lenuta thinks he is the most natural person I know. The world is attracted to its naturalness", said Mircea.

When the movie "Mirciulica" is released

Mircea Bravo also talked about his upcoming film, entitled "Mirciulică". The film will hit theaters on October 7, 2022.

Last summer, we shot a movie with the actors we shoot our Internet videos with. We are already a team, we already know each other and we felt it was time to go to the next level (…). We specialized in comedy, anyway. Somehow, everyone was asking us and we said it was the right time to make a comedy, which we wrote with the same team with whom we also write our videos. It is an hour and a half film, in which Daddy Lenunța also appears, many talented actors from the National Theater in Cluj appear. We are very pleased and excited. The movie is called "Mirciulica", it is a bit like my real story. I think that's why it was easier for me to play. It is about a young man who studied Law, took an exam, failed to get in and after that he was at a crossroads and was forced to move with his parents to Gherla, a small town in an apartment.