How Mircea Bravo became famous. "I realized I'm a bit of a cocalar." His movie is coming out soon


Mircea Bravo is famous online, he makes funny videos. In October he will also release his first film, one that he hopes will be a success. Invited to Cătălin Măruță's show, Mircea told his story, but he also made revelations about his personal life, especially since he recently got married.

"I finished Law, I didn't continue in the field, I realized that I was a bit of a co-worker, I started with my best friend to do something online, we said let's try to do something, that maybe we become good . We filmed a prank every day, after a year we had a block, because everyone knew us in Cluj, we didn't have money to come to Bucharest.

I turned everything into a business, after two years I paid a copywriter for ideas. These videos made me feel good, not necessarily that I was making money," he declared.

Mircea Bravo is also very successful when he appears with aunt Lenuta, who plays the role of his grandmother. "I have chemistry with Aunt Lenuța. I discovered her when we decided to stay in Cluj, she was semi-known before, she had a column on a local show, we realized that it fits when she argues with me. She's more caring that way with me. He's the most natural man I know", he said, also revealing about "Mirciulića", his son who will appear in October.

"Last year we shot a film, we somehow specialized in comedy, we wrote the comedy with the same team, the film is called Mirciulića, in which it is about a young man who studied Law, took an exam that he did not enter and he had to move in with his parents. The film is an hour and a half long", Mircea Bravo also testified.

In June, Mircea Bravo got married. His wife is Georgiana, the young woman who prefers to stay away from the cameras. "We met on June 23 and wanted to get married a year later. I understood that it was fasting, so I put it in the 16th.

I met Georgiana through a mutual acquaintance, even through the artist who plays the role of the mother in my videos. He told me: "Mircea, I have a very nice girl for you, a girl with common sense". And he introduced me to her. He didn't know me beforehand. I had some normal, natural interactions and I enjoyed them", said Mircea Bravo on Cătălin Măruță's show from PRO TV.

Who is Mircea Bravo?

Mircea Bravo is a vlogger. He is now famous on the internet, but a few years ago he went through some hard times. "I lost a tooth about six years ago. I was idle until I made money from the internet and all that. I had no money for a dentist. Now I have my tooth and braces on. So for about six years I was without a tooth, which I lost when I was drunk at sea, in Mamaia. It would be cool to find it now and make it a medallion, put it around my neck!", said Mircea Bravo for Click.